Shankar Narayana(Prakash Raj) is a honest man and is driven by pure and idealistic values, he cares very much about people than himself. Seeing his ideals, the people of his constituency elect him as an MLA. He wins in the Political Tsunami created by Late NTR. As he is a fan of NTR, but still he remains to be single and does not want to join NTR’s party. His followers are his Brother(Rajiv Kanakala), and Sayaji Shinde, Supreet forms another. Shankar Narayana meets up with an accident. After years, Ajay(MAHESH BABU) is a sincere and Dashing cop, he is on a mission to catch the underworld Don Nayak(Sonu Sood) who is involved in Drug business, extortion, illegal arms, etc. Ajay maintains a low profile to catch Nayak until he catches Nayak’s brother Bunty(Abhimanyu Singh) in Turkey on a under cover mission. He finds Prashanthi(Samantha), and is in love at very first sight. Prashanthi is none another than daughter of Ajay’s superior in Police department (Nazar). Then the whole drama shifts to Hyderabad. Meanwhile, Shankar Narayana is alive and returns from coma, but still people think he is dead.His son creates that kind of world where his father is kept happy by using Brahmanandam and others. The movie takes interesting plot post interval as the main plot is revealed to story. Nayak is not only a mission for Ajay but is much more in case of a revenge. How is Mallesh (Kota Srinivas Rao), Meka(Sayaji Shinde) and Supreet are involved in betrayal, what is Ajay’s actual plan. Will Ajay kill Nayak or Shankar Kills nayak. Will Shankar know the true world. Will Ajay marry Prashanthi.


The Real Tiger (2011) – Dookudu (2011) Hindi Dubbed Telugu Movie *BluRay*




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