Sam Alex (Prithviraj Sukumaran) is a police officer who is heavily dependent on alcoholism to ease the pain of his family loss. The supervisor of Sam, Mr. Aravindhaksha Menon Vijayaraghavan (actor) requests Sam to proceed a parallel investigation in a case involving the disappearance and possible kidnapping of several fathers, since the present police team is not able to find any progress in the case. Reluctant at first, Sams mom requests him to take up the investigation. Sam Alex soon gets into the case files and consults the postmortem documents and the doctors who conducted it. Soon Sam Alex is seen making breakthrough in the case. Another two kidnapping happen in the series and all this leads to Sam’s rough conclusion of the murderer. The murderer is an eccentric person and has a limp in his feet and is a person who either hates or loves women. The killer leaves certain clues inscribed by sharp surgical knife on the chest of the victims. This serves Sam’s thinking of what kind of person his killer is and what is his next target. He soon figures out that the wives of the kidnapped husbands have links and they all had to do with a guy who studies with them certain years back. There was absolutely no evidence of such a person. During all these scenes, Sam realizes that there is one last target and the killer will not miss this and he will disappear after that. He soon finds out that the next target is his brother and his brothers wife is the last link in the connection. Soon he finds out with the help of his colleague and other evidences that the killer has a property near Kottayam. The film finally ends with Sam killing the murderer and saving his brothers life.

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